Rent a scooter in Valencia and Tenerife.


1- What is, and isn't, included in my reservation price?

Taxes, liability insurance, motorcycle delivery and collection and operation and safety advice, roadside assistance and two helmets are included in the motorcycle rental price. You will also have the option of hiring additional services to make your trip more comfortable, easy and safe.

2- What paperwork must I show at the pickup moment?

You must show your motorcycle or car driver's license. Minimum age 21 years and 3 years of driving license. The driving license must be accepted by the country of destination and valid at least until the end of the contract.

3- Where can I pick up my motorbike or scooter?

Once your reservation is processed, you will receive a start coupon in your email account. The initial receipt includes your reservation and the details of your leaseholder. A van will handle the free delivery and collection of your scooter / motorcycle at your location you have chosen.

4- When, how and where to pay?

Super serene booking without prepayment and no additional costs for cancellation. You will pay only when you receive the scooter / motorcycle at the place indicated by you.

5- What can I do if I have any problem?

You will have an customer service phone number to contact. In the event of a mechanical failure, you must contact the lessee of the service. In the event of an accident the medical insurance with international coverage of our vehicle will assist you.

6- What else should I know?

Normally motorbike rentals work the same way as car rentals do, but motorbike rentals are limited by availability and restricted by use of terms and bails of cautions. Therefore we advise you to reserve in advance and to have a close look at the general contracting terms as well as the particular ones in your "starter voucher".


With us you never anticipate your money, you don't have to be afraid of not knowing who you're paying for and above all, if it really exists. You will pay only when we deliver your vehicle where you asked to receive it.

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